Review: Book: Serpentine- Laurell K. Hamilton



Title: Serpentine 

Series: Anita Blake #26

Author’s Name: Laurell K. Hamilton

Publisher: Berkley

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Page Count: 496 Pages


Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: Serpentine

Link to Goodreads: Serpentine

Release Date: August 7, 2018

How I Got the Book: ARC

Summary of the Book:

Vampire hunter Anita Blake has managed to overcome everything she faces. But this time there’s a monster that even she doesn’t know how to fight…

A remote Florida island is the perfect wedding destination for the upcoming nuptials of Anita’s fellow U.S. Marshal and best friend Edward. For Anita, the vacation is a welcome break, as it’s the first trip she gets to take with wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel. But it’s not all fun and games and bachelor parties…

In this tropical paradise Micah discovers a horrific new form of lycanthropy, one that has afflicted a single family for generations. Believed to be the result of an ancient Greek curse, it turns human bodies into a mass of snakes.

When long-simmering resentment leads to a big blowout within the wedding party, the last thing Anita needs is more drama. But it finds her anyway when women start disappearing from the hotel, and worse–her own friends and lovers are considered the prime suspects. There’s a strange power afoot that Anita has never confronted before, a force that’s rendering those around her helpless in its thrall. Unable to face it on her own, Anita is willing to accept help from even the deadliest places. Help that she will most certainly regret–if she survives at all, that is…

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I am a huge fan of this series and I have been for a very long time. I had been wondering for a long time what this was going to be like. Ever since Edward/Ted asked Donna to marry him. I was wishing for a lot more action like in the earlier books in the series and less relationship drama. Edward is by far my favorite character. I know that is weird a paranormal/sci-fi book and I pick the human. This has been pointed out to me a few times. But all of us who have been fan know that no matter where Anita goes there is going to be some kind of trouble. There are still some questions in the series I would like answered, but maybe it is time for me to go back and re-read the books and see if there is something I missed and see if I can answer my own questions. I think it is a good read and will continue to be a fan. 

My Rating of the Book: 4 Stars





Review: Book: The Finale- Leigh Walker



Title: The Finale

Series: Vampire Royals #3

Author’s Name: Leigh Walker

Publisher: CMG Publishing

Genre: YA Vampires

Page Count: 197 Pages

ISBN: 1983172723 (ISBN13: 9781983172724)

Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: The Finale

Link to Goodreads: The Finale

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:


Gwyneth West’s a finalist in The Pageant, the dating competition that’s gripping the settlements. Down to the final week, the dashing Prince Dallas Black will choose one young woman as his fiancé.
One small issue: Gwyneth’s a human and the prince is a vampire. What’s worse? Gwyneth’s family are sworn rebels, out to take back the settlements and overthrow the crown. What’s worse than that? Gwyn’s own rebel brother is a prisoner in the castle dungeons, but the king and queen don’t know his true identity.
Gwyneth and Dallas want to show the settlements that vampires and humans can live together in peace. But as their differences threaten to tear them apart, Gwyneth discovers her love puts the prince at risk.
How do you choose between love and duty? 

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I have read and reviewed to two books that come before this one and there is another one that comes after it. I love Gwyn and Dallas. It does not matter what they are going through even when they have their doubts. There were parts that just broke my heart even through I had a good idea what was to come. I want them to be together and there is so much getting in their way. The rebels, her brother, one being a vampire and the other human, and the other contestants. It is a lot to take in. If you want to know how or if they over come it. Then you will have to grab a copy of this book. 

My Rating of the Book: 5 Stars

Review: Book: A Dead God Awakes- John White



Title: A Dead God Awakes

Series: Standalone

Author’s Name: John White

Publisher: Self-Published

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Page Count: 336 Pages

ISBN: 198314276X

Author or Book Website: N/A

Link to Amazon purchase page: A Dead God Awakes

Link to Goodreads: A Dead Body Awakes

Release Date: N/A 

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

Charlatan. Brute. Apostate. Desperate. Outcast. Finch Crushluck is no Death Priest. But he’s posing as one to make a fortune in pursuit of an amulet that contains the blood of First, a powerful alien being of pure entropy. Finch is not alone in his quest. Seduced by First’s promise of power, a holy man betrays his faith and seeks the amulet to free the creature. To save her kidnapped daughter, a merchant captain delivers the ransom of a gilded dirigible to First. To avenge the murder of his family, a giant risks the fate of the world by using the amulet as bait to lure a hated foe and his monstrous war machine into combat. First waits for them in the heart of a nightmare landscape of destruction and madness. But the greatest dangers Finch and his companions face on their journey are deceit and disdain. The clash of their desires can destroy First or unleash him from his ancient prison. They can save the world. Or hasten its doom.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review.  This book has left me with a lot to think about. Of course I can’t tell you if they save or bring on destruction of the world. It is an adventure that a group of misfits all end up going on for their very own reasons. Not all of them are in it for the right ones. First kind of scares me with all that ancient talk and all the think he could do. I had a feeling that someone was going to turn on them and all hell would back lose. I feel a little strange about this. It is like something from an ancient and dark prophecy. It needs more attention brought to it. 

My Rating of the Book: 4 1/2 Stars

Review: Book: The Tiger at Midnight- Swati Teerdhala



Title: The Tiger at Midnight

Series: The Tiger at Midnight #1

Author’s Name: Swati Teerdhala

Publisher: HaperCollins Publishers

Genre: YA Fantasy

Page Count: 496 Pages

ISBN: 0062869213 (ISBN13: 9780062869210)

Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: The Tiger at Midnight

Link to Goodreads: The Tiger at Midnight

Release Date: April 23, 2019

How I Got the Book: ARC

Summary of the Book:

Esha is a legend, but no one knows. It’s only in the shadows that she moonlights as the Viper, the rebels’ highly skilled assassin. She’s devoted her life to avenging what she lost in the royal coup, and now she’s been tasked with her most important mission to date: taking down the ruthless General Hotha.

Kunal has been a soldier since childhood, training morning and night to uphold the power of King Vardaan. His uncle, the general, has ensured that Kunal never strays from the path—even as a part of Kunal longs to join the outside world, which has been growing only more volatile.

Then Esha’s and Kunal’s paths cross—and an unimaginable chain of events unfolds. Both the Viper and the soldier think they’re calling the shots, but they’re not the only players moving the pieces. As the bonds that hold their land in order break down and the sins of the past meet the promise of a new future, both rebel and soldier must make unforgivable choices.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Indian history and Hindu mythology, the first book in Swati Teerdhala’s debut fantasy trilogy captivates with electric romance, stunning action, and the fierce bonds that hold people together—and that drive them apart.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I loved this. The characters of Esha and Kunal where just so thought out and know what they stand for. I always love to read debut books by authors in my chosen genres. There lands are so unbalanced and in tragedy that each think they are calling the shots and know what is to come. The interactions and the writing style just pulled me in and would not let me go. I know this book is not going to be out for a while but I am so ready for the next book in the trilogy. The description of the world and the mythology and legends that gave inspiration to this story is amazing. It hold on to you long after the final page has been turned. 

My Rating of the Book: 5 Stars

Review: Book: Jake, Lucid Dreamer- David J. Naiman



Title: Jake, Lucid Dreamer

Series: Standalone

Author’s Name: David J. Naiman

Publisher: Kwill Books

Genre: YA/MG Coming of Age 

Page Count: 190 Pages

ISBN: 9788494754882

Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: Jake, Lucid Dreamer

Link to Goodreads: Jake, Lucid Dreamer

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

12-year-old Jake has been suppressing his heartbreak over the loss of his mother for the past four years. But his emotions have a way of haunting his dreams and bubbling to the surface when he least expects it. When Jake learns how to take control in his dreams, he becomes a lucid dreamer, and that’s when the battle really heats up.

Using his wits to dodge bullies by day and a nefarious kangaroo hopping ever closer by night, Jake learns about loss, bravery, the power of love, and how you cannot fully heal until you face your greatest fear. This uncompromising novel is a magical yet honest exploration of emotional healing after a devastating loss.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. When I received this book from the author I was so excited. I am glad the author picked me to read this books. This book was very well written and it had my emotions all over the place. I felt a lot for Jake and there were times I got a little angry that he did not seem to notice his father and sister were suffering too. I know that he was going through a lot. Like the bullying during the day and the dreams that he is learning to controlling during the night. This book made me feel so much and I know the loss of a parent. It made me relate to this book more. 

My Rating of the Book: 4 Stars

Review: Book: Ranker’s Charge- S. P. Stevens



Title: Ranker’s Charge

Series: Bind Crafter Tales

Author’s Name: S. P. Stevens

Publisher:  Pitt Norton Publishing

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Page Count: 104 Pages


Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: Ranker’s Charge

Link to Goodreads: Ranker’s Charge

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

Sergeant Vila Kiprik has survived many brutal missions during his thirty-year army career, but this last posting to Demon’s Deep is his deadliest yet. Top Brass need the mine working again for its rare quartz deposits, but the miners have gone AWOL, replaced by crazed savages.

Kiprik and his squad have been charged with taking back control, but this is no ordinary drive. Sinister forces more deadly than madmen hunt them in the shadows and that retirement up in the Duchy mountains soon begins to look like a pipe dream.

As reality itself breaks down, and magical charms fail against wild, untameable powers, Kiprik is thrown into a fight for survival, sanity and redemption. But do thirty years killing in the name of the flag put him beyond saving?

One thing is certain, a reckoning approaches, and it’s probably around the next bend.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. It was a little short but that is okay. It did great in keeping me excited for the adventure ahead. Thinking it was a simple assignment but it turned out to be a fight to stay alive, to remain sane, and to take back the mine at all costs. There are things that are lurking in the shadows and coming for them when they have their backs turned. Kiprik is not longing for retirement that might never come. So does he get out alive or do the sinister force get a hold of him. Read the book and make your own call. 

My Rating of the Book: 4 Stars

Review: Book: Underneath Earl’s Bed- Cy Hartshorne



Title: Underneath Earl’s Bed

Series: Standalone

Author’s Name: Cy Hartshorne

Publisher: CreateSpace

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi

Page Count: 372 Pages


Author or Book Website: N/A

Link to Amazon purchase page: Underneath Earl’s Bed

Link to Goodreads: Underneath Earl’s Bed

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

Underneath Earl’s bed: the putrid and empty space that Dustyn, the dust bunny, and his robot, X512, call home. It has now become the one sanctuary that protects them from the dangers of a beagle named Betsy, and the robotic dragon known as Harold, who would love to murder intruding bunnies at any given opportunity. It’s a place more depressing than the attic, where Dustyn once dwelled under the psychotic wrath brought by The Black Widow with his curse of tears and broken dreams. Now a new tenant has arrived. Colate has been brought to life from his chocolate state to give his fellow bunny the unique gift of love and camaraderie, along with the will to inflict any sort of harm and violence to those who stand in his way.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. When I got this book a couple of months ago I was not sure if I would like it or not. It was the concept I was not sure off. Dust bunny Dustyn is just trying to survive with his robot. The add a chocolate bunny, dog, black widow spider, dragon and it all just kind goes crazy from there. I was not ready for how this book made me feel. It seems all of the other items under or around the room just seem to want to get rid of poor Dustyn. It makes me wonder about the items in my room not after reading this. Very interesting tale. I think younger readers would find it fund and entertaining. 

My Rating of the Book: 3 1/2 Stars